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Glack – the story so far

Boxing day 2012 - it’s cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey and a random group of friends, and some Scandinavian friends of friends, run round a loosely laid out obstacle course on Glack Hill, Aberdeenshire. Three runners got lost (some home printed arrows disintegrated!), there were several bruised bottoms from a rocky surface beneath the water slide tarpaulin, and a Norwegian (probably called Sven) complained of his clothing being stained from whatever lubricant we used on the slide. Despite these organisational oversights, everyone loved it! This kick started the serious amount of work and building to launch Glack Attack in 2013.

Fast forward eight years and we’ve hosted seven Glack Attack obstacle events, one corporate obstacle event and two Glack Attack Halloween events with over 6,000 people taking part in total.

2020 was to be the last Glack Attack obstacle event – both the obstacles and the chief obstacle builder aren’t getting any younger, and obstacle events aren’t getting any easier to host, so we thought we’d bow out on a high with our biggest and muddiest event yet. Sadly but understandably, covid-19 got in the way and our obstacle ventures were over one year earlier than planned.

And here we are in 2021, excited to be launching Glack Trail – combining our event experience with our unique location to create an awesome, quality trail event.

Best short OCR event in Scotland 2017

Ninja Challenge

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