1. The Blockade

  2. Big Bob

  3. The Scramble

  4. Striding Edge

  5. The Corrie Clamber

  6. The Glack Bog

  7. Bog Flush

  8. The Black Trench

  9. The Barrel Chase

  10. Hay Bale Hurdles

  11. The Wringer

  12. The Glack Drains

  13. Keepers Lodge

  14. Lodgepole Lane

  15. No-hope-rope

  16. The Sheep Dip

  17. The Quarry Climb

  18. Wet Monkey

  19. Giant Stepping Stones

  20. Tyre Pile

  21. Skid MkII

  22. Timber!

  23. Devil’s Dyke

  24. Guerilla Ramp

  25. Giant Slalom

  26. Spider’s Web

  27. Drag Mean

  28. The Slopey Wall of Doom

  29. Bawbag

  30. The 'Not-so-hot-tub'

The Ninja Challenge!


The Ninja challenge is an optional obstacle at the end of the course, designed to test your ninja skills.


Only the elite (or the very lucky!) will succeed and join our Ninja wall of fame!

2020 sees the return of the mammoth Ninja Rings - only a few have successfully made it over the water pit!




The mini-run is designed for the next generation of mud runners. Glack Attack is a family run event so who better to design an obstacle course that young children will love!

The Mini-Run is for children aged between 3 and 7 years. The low risk obstacles include hay bales, tree trunk hurdles, ‘muddy puddles’, cargo crawls, balance beams, slides, tunnels and many more. Each mini-runner receives a medal!

The Mini-Run is PRE-REGISTRATION ONLY. Unfortunately, we can't accept any 'on the day' registrations.

Sponsored by

Glack Hill Adventure Ltd      |      info@glackattack.com