Entry fees

Glack Attack

Individual (16+ years of age)

Standard entry: £45

Individual junior participant (11 - 15 years of age)

Standard entry: £20

Team of 5 individuals (16+ years of age participants only)

Standard entry per person: £40

Glack Attack Mini Run

Individual (3 - 10 years of age): £5


Entry fees include:

  1.             Entry into the run

  1.             Tech t-shirt (not mini run)

  1.             Medal

  1.             A bottle of water and a chocolate bar at the finish line (not mini run)

  1.             Complimentary parking

  1.             A donation to charity partner Friends of ANCHOR

Please see the terms and conditions for details of our refund policy.


Please note that you enter the run at your own risk and you are encouraged to take out your own insurance. Please read the terms and conditions carefully before registering. You will also be asked to sign a disclaimer form on the day of the run.

Guidance notes

All runners will be emailed guidance notes in the run up to the event, which will confirm timings, logistics and advice on appropriate clothing, etc.


Is it a team or individual event?

You can enter the run as either an individual or as a team of 5 runners. There is a prize for the first female and male individual and the first team across the line.

How can I amend my registration details?

Once registered, you can login to Eventbrite and edit your entry up to 14 days before the event. Please ensure all details are complete and correct before this date. Any changes after this date will be at the discretion of the organiser and any incomplete entries maybe removed without refund.

I have registered and not received any emails...

Once registered, you should receive an email from Eventbrite confirming your place. You will receive an email nearer the event confirming your wave time. There may also be some other info emails in between. If you don’t receive any emails, we’re sorry and will do what we can to resolve it. Firstly, please check that your email address is correct on Eventbrite and that our emails aren’t hiding in your spam folder. Failing that, please let us know and we’ll work out what has gone wrong.

Is there somewhere to leave my bag?

Yes. As the car parking area is a 10-minute walk from the registration area, you might want to take a bag with your kit in it. Whilst we cannot guarantee the security of your belongings, there will be an allocated area to leave your bag.

In your race pack you will find your bag tag – it will be numbered to match your race number. Please attach it to your bag before placing it in the bag drop area. It is a self-service bag drop but there will be spot checks to ensure race numbers match bag tags.

Is fancy dress allowed?

Yes! However, you must make sure any costumes worn are sensible and will not get in the way of you safely completing the run. For example, capes and loose clothing are not recommended.

How difficult are the obstacles?

In comparison to other obstacle mud runs, Glack Attack is challenging but not extreme. We do not try and electrocute you or make you jump off 30ft platforms! Whilst significant effort will be required, our obstacles are achievable. If for any reason you do not wish to attempt an obstacle, you can simply miss it out and move onto the next (so as long you’re not competing to win!).

Junior participants (11 - 15 years of age) are not allowed to complete four specific obstacles which are deemed high risk for young runners. Instead, they will have lower risk obstacle options.

What is involved in the Glack Attack Mini Run?

The mini run is about 200m long containing a number of safe but fun obstacles designed to be achievable for children aged 3 years or older. The level of challenge will of course depend on the age, size and ability of the child. However, the entry fee allows multiple goes of the mini-run so all participants will be worn out!

What does the entry fee include?

The entry fee includes entry into the run, a tech t-shirt, a quality medal, free parking, a donation to our charity partner, and a bottle of water and a chocolate bar at the finish line. The mini run participants will receive a medal only (no t-shirt, chocolate bar or water).

What is the entry free spent on?

A lot goes into organising an obstacle mud run - ensuring you receive a high quality experience with safety as a top priority. Here are just some of the things the entry fee covers: medical support, event insurance, event staff, risk assessment, construction of obstacles and course, water station, t-shirts, medals, refuse management, car park area, licensing, signage, marquee hire, sound system hire, toilet hire and post event clean up.

Why is Glack Attack Halloween more expensive?

A night run is more expensive to organise due to insurance costs and lighting requirements. The run also has some scary props and theatrical additions, which contribute to event costs. Glack Attack Halloween is an experience; not just a run.

Are the runs timed?

No. Neither event is timed event so timing chips will not be provided.

How long do I need to be there before it starts?

We recommend registering 1 hour prior to your allotted wave time and no later than 15 minutes prior to the start time. Please remember to allow at least 10 minutes to walk from the car park to the registration area.

Where do I park?

Complimentary parking will be provided in a field beside the hill. It will be clearly sign posted on the day.

Can I bring anyone to watch?

Spectators are more than welcome, just please note that they enter the hill at their own risk and under no circumstances should they attempt any of the obstacles. Persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. By attending the site of the run, whether participating or not, they are deemed to be accepting the run’s terms and conditions.

Will there be toilets?

Yes there will be toilets on site.

How long is the race?

The race is just over 5km. However, with hills, mud and obstacles, it will feel a lot longer!

How long will it take?

For the majority of runners it will take around one hour but for those competing to win, the course could be completed in half the time.

What training should I do?


How scary will Glack Attack Halloween be?

It of course depends on how easily frightened you are! It will start at sunset so you will be running through dark forests; there will be some Halloween characters on the course to add to the eerie atmosphere but the aim is to have a fun so long as you have a friend’s hand to hold, you will be fine!

What do I need to wear?

Warm running gear is advisable! The run will involve running through bogs and mud so your footwear and clothing will get very wet, so please choose footwear and clothing that you don’t mind potentially ruining! The course will be slippy so shoes and gloves with grip could be useful – however, please don’t use running spikes, football boots or similar as they could injure other runners. Warm clothing to wear before and after the race is also recommended.

WIll I need to sign a disclaimer form?

Yes. On arrival each participant will have to register to receive their race number. This will involve signing a disclaimer form. No-one can take part without signing the disclaimer form. This is to ensure that each participant has read the terms and conditions and is aware of the risks involved in taking part in the run.

What are the prizes?

Every runner who completes the 5km course will receive a Glack Attack survivor’s t-shirt and a medal. The first man, lady and team over the finish line will receive a winners prize.

What level of fitness is required to take part?

There is no time limit to the run so if required, you can walk between obstacles. Nevertheless, as the terms and conditions state, you must be 18 or over and in a fit state to participate in the run.

Where is Glack Hill?

Glack Hill is in between Dunecht and Kemnay, Aberdeenshire. It is 30 minutes outside of Aberdeen city centre. Please see our venue page for details of how to get there.

Will food and drink be available?

Each runner will receive a bottle of water and a chocolate bar after completing the run. Vendors will also be present selling hot and cold drinks and snacks.


The runs are organised by Glack Hill Adventure Ltd. Glack Hill Adventure Ltd. is a family business that provides adventure activities on Glack Hill, Aberdeenshire. Its prime objectives are to generate funds to invest in the upkeep of Glack Hill, support local groups and raise funds for charities.



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